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How to inflate Rody Horse and How to inflate Rody Pony

Learn how too inflate your Rody Horse by watching the video below.

We are the only website that provide a free pump with each Rody Horse.





I got a Rody Horse for my little one when she was 2, she just loved it!... after two years it seems it's her favorite toy and also her best friend!... she doesn't only bounce on her rody horse, but dress it, play, talk to it and take care of it as if it was real... hehe " Cyntia Padilla

"This toy (rody horse) is truly a hit! I got one for a granddaughter on her 2nd birthday and it was the only toy her little friends would fight over when they came to visit....She loved it, and bounced all over the house with her rody horse Thank you Jumping Balls! Teresa V. Washington

"...had just taken her first steps. The Rody Horse was a great tool for Kirsten to  develop trunk strength .. this is the rody horse she got for her 2nd birthday... within just a few months she could hold on with easy and have a great time with it.. (and the rocking feature doubled the fun)" Barbarann G, from Washington

From Toy Report (toyreport.org)


Much to my (and my kids’) disappointment, we do not own a Rody inflatable horse. However, we have close friends who have one of these bouncy horses and that is really the next best thing to owning one yourself. Why do I love Rody horses? Well, first they are shiny, and don’t we all like shiny things? Also, he comes in the loveliest bright toy horse colors.  Click here to see the color choices available.

Rody the bouncing toy horse is also a lot of fun. He is made of latex and phthalate free vinyl, soft and so very bouncy. You inflate him to be the size you need (Up to 12 inches saddle height). The one the kids rode last weekend was inflated for their three year old and it was just a little too tall for the princess. Her feet didn’t touch the ground quite enough so I had to hold Rody’s tail to keep her from bouncing off.

The bouncing, I can’t believe how bouncy this toy is! It is everything I look for in a toy. Nice looking and fun to play with. It is really up to the kids to make the fun, unlike so many toys that seem to play themselves while the kids passively observe.


More Reviews:

Rody Horse reviews are favorable. From Amazon to YouTube, consumers are making their opinions known. Parents are vocal when it comes to their children. They let you know when they find a great toy. They also let you know when they find a stinker. Thankfully, the Rody Horse falls into the “great toy” category. 

Here are some reasons consumers give for their high ratings:

1. Durability. It’s true that the Gymnic Rody Horse is made from vinyl. But the vinyl is strong. It’s not flimsy like plastic you'd find in a beach ball or cheap inflatable swimming pool. A toddler can bounce around on the horse without popping it. 

2. Inflation is easy. Inflating the Rody Horse is easy. Forget about popping your poor lungs trying to fill this horsy with air. Use a pump instead. The Rody Horse has its own pump. Only we include a pump that is perfect for inflating your Rody Horse.

3. The horse is safe. The Rody Horse is close to the ground. It’s not elevated like a traditional rocking horse. When a child falls off, they don’t have far to fall. The rody horse is also made from vinyl that’s not hard enough to cause damage to anything or anyone.

Rody Horse reviews are a good way to tell if the toy is right for your child. So far, parents agree that the toy is a good item for a toddler.


Pump included. Get strated right away!

The Rody Horse pump is a real timesaver. You’ll have your toddler riding in no time. Use the pump to quickly inflate your toddler’s Gymnic Rody Hopping Horse.

Some inflatable toys are a real pain. You can spend what feels like forever blowing into a beach ball or pool toy. The package says the toy is easy to inflate, but your lungs say something else. It’s no fun telling your child they have to keep waiting. Then you have to ask around for an air pump or make a trip to the gas station to use the air machine. What a hassle just for a little toy.

Kiss these headaches goodbye when you get the Rody Horse pump. It’s a nice two way action hand pump that goes with the horse. The pump makes inflating the toy a snap. You’ll have your child riding before they even ask. Only our website included the pump for free.

The pump is small enough to easily store out of sight. Tuck it away in a closet or hide it under the bed when not in use. It’s also small enough to carry in your trunk or your backseat. You can take it anywhere the horse goes. The Rody Horse pump can even fit into a suitcase. It’s very convenient for family vacations.

Did you purchase a Gymnic Rody Hopping Horse without a pump? No problem. You can order the pump separately. If you haven’t ordered the horse yet, get one that comes with the Rody Horse pump. Always sold separetly, execpt at JumpingBalls.com