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Hoppity Hop Balls for Ages 13 to Adult

Find the perfect Hoppity Hop size by clicking below:

Jumping Balls come in four sizes: Small (for ages 3 to 6 years), Large (7 to 9 years), XL (10 to 12 years) and Adult.

Adult Size - Ages 13 years and up - Nine styles.
PRICE: $29.99 each. Sale: $24.99 One free pump with orders of two or more.

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Hoppity Hop Ball: Adult Size 

The long wait is over!

Stop borrowing your child's ball and get your own adult size Hippity Hop Ball! It's great for bouncing around with your children, racing friends, or even for pilates exercise. Finally back in stock and larger than before! Extreme fun guaranteed. Warning, device is not a time machine.

  • Jumping Balls
  • Jumping Balls
  • Jumping Balls
  • Jumping Balls
  • Jumping Balls

PRICE $29.99 Sale: $24.99 (1 free pump when you order 2 or more Jumping Balls.)
SHIPPING $4.95 flat rate to the continental United States via UPS Ground. Ship up to 50 balls for the same flat rate!
AGES 13 to 101 years.
SIZE 29" in diameter. Can be adjusted by inflating to the most comfortable size according to your child. Max weight 300 LBS.
MATERIAL Made of high quality, thick rubber.

Inflates with a balloon or hand pump (free with orders of 2 or more Hippity Hop Balls), or with an optional foot pump.



Get in touch with your inner child!


Try Hoppity Hop Ball soccer



What people are saying

"Have wanted one since 1980!"
Michelle A. from California

"I will probably be ordering some of those jumping balls for adults after the first of the year. Can't let those children have all of the fun now can we?"
Margaret C. from Alabama

"We got the balls and we've all been having a great time bouncing around the office. Luckily the boss hasn't caught us yet."
-Johnny D from Pennsylvania

"Thank You very much. I'll try to get some pictures. This ball is for our CEO. He's about 50 years old, but a real kid at heart!!! Should be funny. Thank you again."
Cynthia P From Oklahoma


"Can't wait to try the adult one with my girls!"
Joy K from Michigan

"Can't wait to bounce with my son!"
Julie M from South Carolina

"I've been waiting for someone to make bouncy balls for grown-ups. My kids love their's, and I thought it would be neat to bounce as a family!"
Amy F from Pennsylvania

"I will send you photos. It is so funny to see my 12 year old hopping 3 foot in the air around the house. He said today that was his favorite present this year. I thought it would be so..Thanks!"
Janelle V. from Maryland

Party coming up? Purchasing for your school?

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