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Hop Ball for Ages 3 to 6

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Small Size - Ages 3 to 6 years - Eight styles.
PRICE: $13.99 each. One free pump with order of two or more.

Got a toddler at home? Getting riding now! Benny the Jumping Bull will teach valuable rodeo skills.

Hop Ball: Ages 3-6 years

You loved it when you were little, now it's your child's turn to have a (Hop) Ball! Give your child a Hop Ball and watch him go! Be sure to have a camera handy to capture the exhilarating moment.

Thicker, more durable than other brands, our Hop Ball is the greatest and "funnest" way for kids to exercise without even knowing it! Guaranteed to help your kids burn off that extra energy.

Try an adult size Hop Ball to bounce along your child, after all, adults can have fun too, right?

  • Jumping Balls
  • Jumping Balls
  • Jumping Balls
  • Jumping Balls
  • Jumping Balls
  • Jumping Balls
  • Jumping Balls
  • Jumping Balls
  • Jumping Balls
  • Jumping Balls

PRICE $13.99 (1 Free pump when you order 2 or more Hop Balls.)
SHIPPING $4.95 flat rate to the continental United States via UPS Ground. Ship up to 50 balls for the same flat rate! Click here for other shipping options.
AGES 3 to 6 years.
SIZE 18" in diameter. Can be adjusted by inflating to the most comfortable size according to your child. Max weight 150 LBS.
MATERIAL Made of high quality, thick rubber. Meets ASTM safety standards and is free of banned phthalates.

Easy! Inflates with a balloon or hand pump (free with orders of 2 or more Hop Balls), or with an optional foot pump.

  • Red and blue have animal designs with a tooshie on the back.
  • Other colors are just as pictured, cannot be changed.
  • Original gift idea, we can ship directly to cousin Johnny's house.



    Get in touch with your inner child!
    Try Hop Ball soccer

    Party coming up? Purchasing for your school?

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